• septembver 2013 - dve nové rubriky Výnimočné výtvarné diela a Jednotlivé výtvarné diela
  • júl 2013 - Eva B. Linhartová a jej diela viac ...
  • júl 2013 - Radek Bachratý umelecké fotografie viac ...
  • máj 2013 - doplnenie diel Miloša Vanka

Welcome to Gallery Ardan!

Gallery ARDAN was established and opened in October 1991 by academic painter Elena Brestenská (1948 – 1994) and art historian Mgr. Eva Kelemenová.

Spaces, where the gallery was located in years 1991 –1993 were in the house of the outstanding American Slovak, Ignác Gessay (1874 – 1928). In the thirties of the 20th century he had had built an atelier in 14 Lermontova street for his son Vladimír (1904 - ?), graduate of the Prague Academy of Fine Art.

Later the atelier hosted several notable Slovak graphic artists: sculptors Rudolf Pribiš (1913 –1984) and Ladislav Snopek, painter Viera Bombová and the last was Elena Brestenská, grand-granddaughter of Ignác Gessay.

In March 2004 Gallery ARDAN has moved to new spaces in the city center, in 7 Dobrovičová street.

Since the opening up in 1991 the gallery has been presenting pieces of art of professional, mainly Slovak graphic artists at authorial or collective exhibitions. Nearly 100 exhibition events have been realized, enriching the cultural life of Bratislava.

One of the most outstanding exhibitions was the exposition of the then living great world artist, founder of op art Viktor Vasarely (1906 – 1997) in 1991/1992, but there were also exhibitions of significant Slovak graphic artists.

In exhibitions at Gallery ARDAN the artists presented paintings, drawings, graphics, plastic art, applied arts, glasswork. It shows, that the gallery presented and dealt with more-less the classic disciplines of graphic art.

Besides the graphic art events Gallery ARDAN offers pieces of art of further artists in the frame of the presentational, permanent exposition. All exhibited artwork is for sale.

We believe, that your money invested in artwork of professional artists that we offer will bring you not only enjoyment, but also good appraisal of invested financial means.

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